The villages of Skyros

Skyros is the most southern island of the Northern Sporades island complex. It is located east of Evia, about 35 km away, and is the largest island of the Sporades (210 km²) with a population of about 3000 inhabitants.

The capital of the island is Skyros (or Chora), located on the east coast and connected to Linaria with a 11 km long asphalt road.

Leaving Linaria and approaching Chora, built on a high cliff we get the view of the ancient castle of Lykomedes. Approaching even more, the whole village appears, with hundreds of houses concentrated on the other side of the cliff side by side, as if they are competing for the best view of the sea. At the top of the cliff stands the monastery of Saint George, patron saint of our island, built in 1599.

Paved narrow streets that pass through the whole village are worth walking around, in order get the real “feeling” of the island and its people. During this walk you will even have the opportunity to admire the traditional decoration of the houses, since many housewives leave their windows open for that very reason.

Other villages of Skyros, worth visiting, are Magazia, Loutro, Aspiros, Kalikri, Kalamitsa, Kampos, and of course Molos, where you will find our Patriko.