The sights of Skyros

Many different choices for each visitor.

Archaeological sites

On the island we find several valuable archaeological sites, most notably the Castle located above Chora. This was the ancient acropolis and the seat of the ancient king of Lykomedes. More precisely, at the location of Spilia Andreiotis, is where Lykomedis has killed the king of Athens, Theseus. Today, almost nothing is preserved from the ancient acropolis.

Folkrore museum

Churches and monasteries

There are several medieval churches on the island, such as Agios Georgios of Skyros, on a tall cliff above the sea built by Nikiforos Fokas in the 10th century, the church of Panagia of Kitsos and many others churches, as well as monasteries.

The statue of Rupert Bout

The trademark of Chora is the square with the statue of the poet Rupert Bük.

The Skyrian pony