Customs and feasts

The customs and feasts in Skyros,

.. have something special.

The religious feasts of the summer

If your stay on our island coincides with a religious feast, then do not miss it! It will be an experience that will surely remain unforgettable to you.

On the afternoon of the holiday, the visitors gather in the chapel, that the family to whom it belongs to has already whitewashed and prepared it in every detail for the feast. At the end of the ceremony, during which the priest chants in the courtyard of the church along with the people, there are offered bread, coil, “loukoumia” and watermelon with fig and raki. Then the tables are set up, people take their seats, while beside them is being cooked the traditional recipe of rice with goat or lamb.

After eating and drinking, the Skyrian songs begin and the feast lasts till the morning hours.

Arrange your holidays based on our feasts:

Begging of June Holy Spirit Aghia Triada
19-20 July Prophet Elias Prophitis Ilias
14-15 August Dormition of Virgin Mary Panagia Megklou
16-17 August Saint Myronas Aghios Meronas
23 August Performance of Dormition of Virgin Mary Kyra Panagia
28-29 August Saint Jonh Psarmos
1-2 September Saint Mamas Aghios Mamas
7-8 September Genessis of Virgin Mary Panagia Lympiani

Carnival customs

Of course, Skyros is also known for the unique customs of the Carnival! Get a small taste here: