Qualitative and economical destination

And the journey begins…

For those who are seeking either relaxation or full of adventure and activities vacations, Skyros is the ideal destination, offering something special for everyone! As one of the most beautiful Greek islands, surrounded by the deep blue Aegean Sea, rich in nature and impressive morphology, it is a wonderful holiday destination, both qualitative and economic.

From the port of Kymi, we embark on “Achilles”, and if we are lucky we will travel alongside with a group of playful dolphins! Arriving at the picturesque harbor of Linaria, beautiful white houses built amphitheatrically as well as the church of Agios Nikolas, built in a dominant position, give us the first “taste” from Skyros.

Leaving Linaria and after 9 km we reach Chora, the capital of the island. Patriko is only 3 km away from Chora and 300m from the beach of Gyrismata, one of the most beautiful of the island, and is ideal as a “base” of your excursions to all the beaches and the sights of the island.

Welcome to Skyros!

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